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It is generally agreed that the 21st century will be a bright one for aviation. Planes and rockets offer unique capabilities in terms of speed and carrying capacity that should not be underestimated. As long as there is a need for people to get to places quickly, there will be a need for aviation. 

Complimenting our range of wood scale replica civilian, private and military aircraft models we also offer themost recent Virgin Global Flyer. Check out the USS Enterprise Voyager model, the Antonov 225 Buran or the Pan Am Orion.  We also sell a variety of spacecraft models such as a model Space Shuttle, Star Trek model, Gerry Anderson models and other NASA Models.  Our large NASA model selection includes spacecraft like the Apollo and Saturn models. Just think of the beauty of an Apollo space model on display in your home or office!  Our Apollo space models are some of our most popular. There's the Apollo capsule command module or other spacecraft models for the fan of spaceflight to choose from.

Boeing SST Model Starting from US $219.50
Buran Shuttle Model Starting from US $169.50

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